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A safer way to bathe your toddler

Aquavisor takes the tears out of the bath! Our visor keeps your toddler’s face safe from the stream, shampoo and stress of bathing to give your child a safer and more enjoyable experience in the bath!

You can adjust its size as your baby grows and rest easily no soap or particles will ever get near their eyes or ears! Giving their hair a nice scrub is no longer hard!

You can make bathing much quicker, when Aquavisor keeps the face protected you can safely use an upstream to wash them without any worry and make bathtime fun for all!

Why Aquavisor is for you

Bathe with a smile- Bath time can quickly get stressful, help your baby enjoy the bath without letting the stream overwhelm their senses!

No more tears- The shampoo is no longer a threat for the eyes, Aquavisor keeps all the threatening chemicals far away from the eyes and ears!

Always a good fit- Babies grow in no time, that’s why Aquavisor can easily adjust its size to always stay comfortably on the head!

Aquavisor is the ultimate choice- Make bathing fun for both sizes, enjoy the washing experience with no tears and plenty of smiles!

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