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Mermaid Grip

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Swim Faster And Better Than Ever Before With Mermaid Grip™️

Are you looking for an easier way to improve your technique without drowning this summer? Now we've got a simpler and hassle-free way to do just that. Introducing Mermaid Grip-The new and improved swimming equipment that will have you gliding through the water like a pro.

Made with soft & flexible silicone material that fits right onto your hands perfectly without any discomfort.

Increases resistance, builds strength and power at the same time. Strengthening your hands while improving your technique and stability while you're in the water.

You can use them for swimming, deep sea diving, snorkeling, surfing, and even weight training. Allowing you to get the biggest bang for your buck. 

We can't tell you how good this product really is because the results speak for themselves. With the Mermaid Grip we aim to give you efficient, reliable and most importantly...Fins of a professional so you can swim like one. 


Improves Technique- Increases the resistance and places your fingers in the right position to swim and glide through the water without much hassle.

Flexible- Allowing to fit all size hands without any discomfort. Which means you never have to worry about them squeezing your hands or them sliding off while your swimming.

Strong Resistance- Against the water which allows you to stay afloat and swim through the water faster and more efficient. Which means you never have to worry about just flapping your arms in the water and not going anywhere.

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