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Bubble Bolt 9000

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Make the coolest bubble shows ever

Looking for a cool toy to bring to the park? Arm yourself with the best bubble blower on the market and enjoy the soapy magical scenes it creates with just one salvo!

If you have small children you know how much they love popping bubbles, create unforgettable memories for every birthday, holiday or simply on the next trip to the park with bubble bolt!

Why Bubble Bolt is for you

Spread the excitement- Create an unforgettable bubble show for all the kids in the park, fire a whole bubble salvo with a simple push!

Armed to the teeth- Bring out the big guns, BubbleBolt will outmatch with ease all the other bubble blowers out there!

BubbleBolt is the ultimate choice- Get ready for an awesome day in the park, load up your BubbleBolt and make the bubbles rain!


Safety Guaranteed

BubbleBolt is made from non-toxic ABS material, It's child Safe with no leaks or spills design which is quite safe for children and pets, Kids are safe to carry The Bubble Guns around and enjoy their bubble-chasing.

Easy To Use 

 Simply insert 3 AA batteries in and attach the bubble solution bottle that we include for FREE to the base of the bubble blower toy and shoot away. No dealing with messy dip-in solutions. We’ve crafted the bubble blowers for kids with high-quality plastic that ensures maximum durability as the kiddos have a blast.

Only one click from Spreading Colorful Bubbles!

Do your kids love chasing bubbles around, fill the scene with hundreds of colorful bubbles ready to be popped!

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